Our Partner of the Week : Banggood

Dear customer,

Today, on Friday, we choose 7 lucky customers, to receive a reward from Banggood.
All you have to do is choose the correct gift box.
Chance to get 50% cashback on any order at Banggood.com
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Maria Farela

Can I play again? :)

Reply · · 4 minutes ago
Fred Hedbeek

Thanks for choosing me! My cashback coupon has arrived today!

Reply · · 5 minutes ago
Patricia Kincey

I received my coupon. Thank you!

Reply · · 11 minutes ago
Mitchell Snyder

All the boxes are empty!

Reply · · 15 minutes ago
Charlotte Brown

I got it on my second try! Oh yeah!!

Reply · · 38 minutes ago
Ava Conor

I thought it was a joke, but my coupon code came this morning. However, you must carefully follow the instructions.

Reply · · 42 minutes ago
Jack Millimouno

Today I am lucky! Thank you!

Reply · · 1 hour ago
Sara Swanson


Reply · · 1 hour ago
Bob Hall

I had seen this game last year, but I ignored it because I thought it was absurd. This time I tried and I get it :)

Reply · · 1 hour ago
Judy Robin

Thank you very much! I received my reward today !

Reply · · 2 hours ago
Oliver Joiner

I thought it was expired. I ordered my items on the next week after I play this and I still get my coupon ;)

Reply · · 2 hours ago
María Antonia

Am I the only person who lost? :( :(

Reply · · 3 hours ago
Matthew Helme

Wow, I can not believe :)

Reply · · 4 hours ago

These are incredible! Thank you so much for doing this!

Reply · · 4 hours ago
Davidson Bazil

Thank you! Thank you!

Reply · · 6 hours ago

This is serious?

Reply · · 6 hours ago



We want to thank you for your loyalty , and therefore we offer you a unique opportunity to obtain a 50% cash back on any order today!

All you have to do is choose the correct gift box.

You have 3 attempts, good luck!

Sorry, this gift box is empty! You still have ( 3 ) more attempts. Good luck!



1. You will be redirected to the Banggood website now, order any item and proceed to check out

2. Once the order has been processed *Depending on the payment method, the 50% cashback will be sent to your account via coupon.